TindalaPlaying horsey on the grade school yard was only the beginning of Tindala’s journey. She knew in her heart of hearts that horses were a part of her. While other would play the rider, she would give pony-back rides until such time that she was told that “young ladies do not play horsey”.

It was years later that she was introduced to the grown-up version of playing horsey…or Pony Play as we know it today. At first it was the sensual, sexual aspects of the roleplay…but as time went on, it became more. Tindala learned more about the different types of Pony Play and immersed herself into the world of parades and carts as well as dressage. She had competed with different trainers over the years, and thus has learned more about herself and the ways of non-verbal communication.

Tindala’s proudest of winning the 2013 Queen’s Cup, a multi-stage event where points are earned based on placement. Think of it as the High Point Award in a traditional horse show. She proved her endurance in a long distance cart race, her speed and cunning in a derby-style sprint, and her precision while cart pulling. Her other honors include Best In Show at the 2012 DomConLA Pony Show and 1st Place Overall at the 2013 DomConLA Pony Show.

Tindala is North American Pony 2016.