North American Pony/Trainer Contest

Just so you know…..This contest was created by

LunaBear and MysticStorm back in 2008.

They had won the International Pony/Trainer Contest in Florida. That contest ended rather abruptly when the producer of the event quit the community and they went to Ms. Kendra to continue the contest as the North American Pony/Trainer Contest. Ms. Kendra found them a sponsor in West Virginia.

Rebecca Wilcox and I won this Leather Contest in November of 2008 for the 2009 year.

Shortly after the new sponsor was outed in their community, one being a school teacher, and he was forced to make a choice between his job and the Leather community. Thus, the contest did not happen again for many years.

I went to Florida, to IPPC to compete in their lovely International Pony Play Championship contest. I had a great time. It was also eye opening for me. During my Interview one of the judges said “NAPT contest?, isn’t that a defunct contest?” One always takes great pride in their Leather title and patch. I told the Judges that I had been thinking about my leather title and Lunabear and Mystic Storm and that I could do more to support them in the continuation of the North American Pony/Trainer Contest.

When I left Beyond Leather, I did contact Lunabear and Mystic Storm. I did support them in continuing the NAPT Contest. Ponygirl Bixy was North American Pony/Trainer 2014.

Everyone had such a great time, even though we were quite small, and the contest was a success. Lunabear and MysticStorm contacted me after the event and the ownership of this leather title passed to me.

I found that in trying to communicate to people regarding attending NAPT and that there were Pony Games and classes for those in the Pony Play community if you were not a Leather title contestant, that people were confused. Thus, I created EQUUS International Pony Play Event as the event hosting the Leather title so that Ponies, Trainers and all who love them would know there was so much more available to do than a Leather title Contest happening.

EQUUS IPPE 2016 was incredible, positive energy, joy and passion abounding. I had the best time playing with my pony, Speckles, in all the games and taking the reins of other ponies as needed. I was even more joyous to see so many other Trainers available to take single ponies reins, and lots of Pony/Trainer teams. Dreams do come true.  We are building on that dream.  Please join us.

In Leather and Pony Spirit,