Event Schedule

The Event Schedule for NAPTC 2023-24 is:

Saturday DAY,  July 15, 2023

“English Games Day”  at The Ranch/Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club Track and Play Arena

Event is open to the Public.

10:00 am

The Auction Baskets of the North American Pony/Trainer Travel Fund will be on display for viewing. The Auction is held Saturday Night, July 15th during The Pony Show which starts at 8 PM.

Pony Games end by 4 PM, you are not expected to stay later than this.  Please get yourself some dinner (Uber or Grubhub deliver or there are close by dining options.)

4 PM – Close of Saturday Day.

Saturday Night, July 15, 2023

7 PM – 8 PM Interview with Judges.   Diva Room.

7:30 PM The doors open to public


8:00 PM 15 minutes Presentations by North American Pony/Trainer Contestants followed by 5 minute Q & A.


(corral will be 20′ x 60′)

8:30 PM  The Pony Show  (this time may move later if we have more Contestants)

“The Pony Show” on the Play Arena

Event is open to the Public.

(corral will be 20′ x 60′)

8:40 PM  The Pre-Show Pony Parade and Parade of Colors

8:45 PM The Pony Show
5 minute performances in any style by North American Pony/Trainer Contest contestants, followed by participants in the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club English Day Pony Play Event

and any Pony and / or Trainer wanting to participant in The Pony Show.

10:00 PM Auction of Baskets

10:30 PM  Prizes Awarded to the Pony Show Participants.

10:45 PM Announce the North American Pony/Trainer 2023-24 and Runner-Up & Celebration Dance

Midnight – close of Saturday Night.

Please click HERE to see the Event Schedule for Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club English Day.